Juan Pablo Cangas: “Co może napędzać Twój biznes !”

Juan Pablo Cangas: “Co może napędzać Twój biznes !”

Your customers and prospects got in touch with you for a REASON.

That reason still exists, even if your business is closed right now or people are scared to travel. That means you can still make money in the travel/tourism industry.

If you don’t have a way to meet those needs that the market still has, you could offer other businesses’ products or services that help meet those needs. For this you need to get inside their head and see what DRIVES YOUR MARKET.

If you realize that your market is really big on entertainment, for example, you could become an affiliate of companies that provide that, such as Netflix, any kind of streaming service, video game companies, try to think along those lines, anything that provides entertainment.

You can find if out they have an affiliate program and sell the products/services of that company and you would make a commission every time someone buys something related to entertainment. So that’s an option, affiliate marketing.

Also, it would be good to think about how you could fill some of those needs yourself and reinvent your business that way.

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