Alain Heureux:”Akcelerator niemożliwego”

Alain Heureux:”Akcelerator niemożliwego”

Covid-19 will remain in my memory as an Accelerator of the Impossible.

Without wanting to minimize the gravity of the human consequences of this pandemic, the virus will have swept away in a record time all our hesitations, quarrels, promises and prospects.

Men and Women help each other equally in housework and professional activities; the climate regains its radiance; remote work and digitalization have become priorities on the agenda of Management committees; producing and consuming locally have become competitive factors; repairing and helping each other seem like acts of good citizenship on a daily basis; training and meeting “online” seems more effective and rewarding than face-to-face … and communicating responsibly is the norm.

Amazing to imagine that it would have taken a pandemic to come to fruition and understand all of this, but above all hope that we will have the courage and the strength to continue to build this new world that awaits us!

Let’s not talk about Exit but rather about Entry, and let’s fight out of respect for those „who have left us! ”



Alain Heureux

Kreator  i Menadżer


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