Andris Stakens:”Radziłbym ludziom myśleć krytycznie !”

Andris Stakens:”Radziłbym ludziom myśleć krytycznie !”

Ale: How do you see the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak?

I see it as an instrument for company cleavage. People share opinions, people fear, people distanced themselves. We increasingly see the other person, not as a friend, a comrade, a colleague. We see the other person as a threat to our health. We are becoming more separate, unfriendly. Stress and fear pose health problems.

Alex: How has your life changed?

The pandemic has not changed my life. It has affected the lives of people with whom I work.

Alex: What effect does Covid-19 have on your life in your family/work environment?

My family life hasn’t changed. I am from people who are happy to work remotely from home. It is a great advantage that I am in good relationships with technology and therefore in my capacity to provide this process. It amazes me that remote work is being handed out as something new, something forcibly. It’s not true, it’s nothing new. The positive is that the C19 has forced more lazy and uneducated people to learn technology.

Alex: Have you noticed the elements of panic among people? Fear of being sick? Before losing loved ones?

Yes, I have observed. Panic is artificially created and a person becomes easily affected. Too little is so devoted to the forces and attention of the sick people and a lot of those who are healthy. The methods used to protect society are to a greater extent incorrect and ineffective. Governments act formally and use this time to increase their influence. A lot of questions, too few answers. Benjamin Franklin once said: „Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Alex: Has any of your closest friends been affected by Coronavirus? How did his/her surroundings survive?

In a direct way, no. I don’t know anyone who would have gotten sick.

Alex: Has the primary wave already passed? How are you prepared for the announced second wave of the pandemic?

Personally, I’m not preparing for the so-called second wave because there are no proven facts to suggest it. These are just forecasts. Currently there are diseases in the world of which more people die every year, many of them are as even and even more contagious as C19. No one has been able to predict their spread so that some of them have a seasonal nature and are raging every year.

Alex: Do you have any advice/message for people from other parts of the world?

I would advise people to think critically. Don’t believe all the information that is being handed to them. Search for alternative sources of information. Avoid manipulation that forces opinion, unverified and distorted facts. In the first place is freedom for us and our children! If you can, drive to rural properties near your grandparents or relatives, help agricultural work. If there is any trouble, you will not be starved. If your business is ruined, do research that you can learn new skills in a new profession and possibly where you can work remotely. Changing your life is never too late and now is the right time!

Alex: What is your life motto?

It’s never too late.

Alex: What else would you like to tell the readers of

Think globally but act locally! Don’t be egomaniacs. Help people. Help your relatives, help your neighbors. Information is spreading very quickly today. We know some misfortunes happen on the other side of the world. Do we know any misfortunes are happening in our neighbors just around the house? If we live cohesive on our own street, in our city, then we are safe. We help each other, and then we cannot be threatened with any misfortune.


Andris Stakens

Andris Stakens

Professional Master Degree

and Engineer Qualification in Heat Power and Thermal Engineering


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