Armandè Kruger:” Mój najlepszy przyjaciel…”

Armandè Kruger:” Mój najlepszy przyjaciel…”

My best friend at school had only one leg.

I on the other hand, was socially awkward, and I think he took pity on me.

We were inseparable.

Our friendship is what shaped my perspective on the world today.

I am drawn to people that society has side-lined.

It is not me doing anyone any favours.

In those friendships, I am the one who gains the most.

A boy with one leg showed me what real strength is.

A man that obtained his degree by candlelight in a 3 by 4 dwelling, showed me what perseverance is.

A mother that rises at 4AM to sell dumplings, to provide for her children, showed me what love is.

If you want to build a winning nation.

Befriend the ones who know how to fight their way from the back of the pack.


Armandè Kruger

Armandè Kruger

Założyciel Résoudre

Korespondent z Republiki Południowej Afryki


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