Atul Bhargava:”Covid-19 – 5 zasad”

Atul Bhargava:”Covid-19 – 5 zasad”

Five Growth Behaviours During CoVid-19 crisis:

1. Be Purposeful. purpose elevates from survive to thrive. Make the tough decisions on purpose and with courage.

2. See this crisis as a new way to purposefully serve colleagues and customers – past, present, potential future – your advocates and supporters in new, meaningful, value-creating ways.

3. Acknowledge others’ stress in this situation. Show you care about them. See the crisis as an opportunity to more deeply live with and serve stakeholders.

4. Communicate with realness, clarity, authenticity, credibility and regularity. Celebrate smallest of the achievements to create positivity. Direct this positivity towards a purpose through trust.

5. Reconcile the paradox of pause and action. Move from fixed/fear mindsets to growth mindsets. Use technology to prepare the company for the future.



Atul Bhargava

A Visionary Leader


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