Corina Neagu:”My message”

Corina Neagu:”My message”

Please find herein below my message:

The main impact of this crisis generated by Covid 19 in my case was that we learned not to take things for granted. As if we deserved it. And that anything that brings us joy or is helpful in life must be greeted with a sincere „thank you” from the heart. Then I learned that no matter how we are perceived as supreme beings on this planet, we are so small in our temporality and so temporary in our smallness. And that, if we understand it completely, it wouldn’t it be better to choose to live a life as beautiful as possible instead of living a life as rich as possible?

For me, this is, in fact, the definition of personal and professional success and accomplishment: to be kind, to surround myself with people who elevate and challenge me to be better, to deliver outstanding services, to express my values (integrity, courage, ambition, optimism, dedication) in everything that I do, to see the good in people.

It is the only way to exist that helps me live the most wonderful life.


Corina NEAGU

Corina NEAGU

HR and Business Expert

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    How Lotta love. ?

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    Ile mądrości, ile miłości


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    Super… Super.. Naprawdę super 👌 👍 👌 👍

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