Covid-19 – maski:”nosić, czy nie nosić” 6.

Covid-19 – maski:”nosić, czy nie nosić” 6.

How to wear a face mask safely

Although applying a face mask sounds simple, some common mistakes are easy to make while wearing one. The CDC list some general considerations for cloth face coverings, advising people to:

  • ensure that the face covering does not cause difficulty breathing
  • check that the face mask covers both the nose and mouth
  • make sure that a person can tighten or secure the covering to prevent it from slipping
  • fit the covering snugly, so there are no gaps
  • wash the face covering after each use

The WHO also suggest not touching the mask while using it. To remove the mask, a person should do so from behind to avoid touching the front of it.

How to make a face mask at home

Several online guides and videos are available to provide instructions to people wishing to make a DIY face covering.

Some methods involve sewing, but others do not. Most methods require similar materials, such as scissors, measuring tape, and cloth.



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