Deepsundar Chowdhury

Covid – 19 is an eye opener for all humans where we are now aware that we need to take care of our environment, nature, family and think and practise leading to Our well being. It is not chaos but a series of opportunities where lot of solutions, services can be discovered to give back to society in terms of profit as well as non profit models. It is period of realisation that focus should be on needs and not desires and this spending, living, behaving, working, managing should be with a valued purpose.

Extensive experience of 18 plus years in Strategy & Planning, Research & Analysis and not the less Alliances & Partnerships.

• Well Networked Professional in American, Asian and European markets respectively.
• Proactive and Successful Individual with expertise in navigating Organizational
Growth, Proficient Workforce, Efficient Mid-Level Management, and Business Pipeline.
• Extensive experience in Business Development and Sales, Talent Management, Vendor Management and Customer Success.
• Possess strong business acumen and excellent talent assessment skills.
• Exceptional skills in developing and implementing strategic plans and initiatives that exceeds goals and objectives.
• Outstanding experience in building, developing, managing and directing Organizations to success.
• Track record of creating new business endeavors.
• Growth through the creation of Sales and Marketing Strategies, Talent Management, Expansion and Outreach, Alliances and Partnerships.

Featured in Silicon India Magazine with Team Marmeto.