Dr. Saqib Shahab: „Time is not on our side”

Dr. Saqib Shahab: „Time is not on our side”

’Time is not on our side,' Sask. chief medical officer says

Saskatchewan currently has the third highest per-capita rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the country, and the province this week released modelling where the „best-case scenario” will see the total number of COVID-19 cases nearly double over the next six months.

Chief medical health officer Dr. Saqib Shahab spoke with CBC’s The Morning Edition host Stefani Langenegger Friday morning. He says „time is of the essence.”

„We have a week or two at most to make specific decisions that are quite significant.”

Shahab is asking residents to reduce their outside trips to help limit interactions and the spread of the virus.

When asked why bars and restaurants remain open open to customers, Shabab says: „It’s a balance. Public health advice cannot be disassociated from impacts on society and economy.”



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