Kerry Adler:„światła zostały włączone”

Kerry Adler:„światła zostały włączone”

In these challenging times, the lights have remained on even as the world came to a stop. During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic the leadership of SkyPower held true to its unwavering commitment to generating a brighter future for all and in recognition of its longstanding commitment to the UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals.

SkyPower took the initiative in early January 2020, when the early warning of COVID-19 began to echo around the world to procure and safeguard N95 Protective Face masks for its team members and their families all over the world. In addition, amid the current global shortage of the critical personal protective equipment SkyPower made an in-kind donation of tens of thousands of N95 masks in sincere appreciation for and in recognition of the many heroes who have been serving selflessly as front line warriors. Thousands of hospital healthcare workers and policemen, firemen, EMT’s, and municipal staff had access to this personal protective equipment to more safely continue their daily dedicated efforts to save lives. The hospital systems, fire departments, long term care facilities, and police departments that we donated these masks to, are and remain quintessential in keeping us safe, now more than ever.

We value all that these frontline workers do to reduce the impact of the spread of Covid 19 and keep us us safe for further spread of a virus akin to climate change which respects no border and does not discriminate when it’s infectious character is makeup of its very existence.

We all saw and felt the best of humanity amid perhaps the worst human disaster of our lifetime. At SkyPower, we wanted our efforts to inspire others only to find that there was little need for inspiration as we all saw and felt the very best of humanity at perhaps one of the darkest times in our lives, where globally and without any discrimination this horrible virus raged and continues to rage and leave behind and unimaginable and incalculable toll on families and psychological scars no one has yet to begun to comprehend or measure in any real terms. I am truly grateful that we had the resources to help so many and continue to do so in so many more ways. As we navigate the way forward, you have my word that we will continue to do what’s right for you and your families, so you feel supported every step of the way.

Combined, our efforts helped facilitate the donation, distribution, facilitation and/or supply of almost 2.1 Million face masks from California to our West, from India to our East and to Brazil to our South and many countries and jurisdictions in-between. We hope, we inspired as many as those who inspired us to help make a difference. If perhaps our efforts helped save a single life, then it makes it even so more worthwhile.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder that we are all connected as inhabitants of this planet and that human nature is to persevere in the face of even the most extreme adversity. To a Healthier and Brighter Future for the Generations to Come,


Kerry Adler


President & Chief Executive Officer

SkyPower Global Group and The Adler Family


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