Khalid Alghamdi:”Nikt nie zaprzecza”

Khalid Alghamdi:”Nikt nie zaprzecza”

No one can deny the negative impact of COVID-19 on people and businesses . Some companies took decisions and decided to reduce salaries and cut off some benefits, while others decided to close business and layoff their employees. The impact varies from one company to another depending on the industry, sector and country they are operating in.


On the other hand, we have noticed some organizations start a huge recruitment activities as they realized that they need to expand the workforce to meet new business demands. Many organizations have doubled their revenues in Q1 2020.


So, opportunities will continue to come, and impacted people and companies will soon go back to business once again.


Many people lost their jobs lately, those people will definitely find new job opportunities in the near future. However, they need to be ready for it when it comes.


Some advices on how to be ready for a new opportunity:-


  • Invest in your personal development. Continue to learn, gain new skills and improve your knowledge on your field. Attend virtual courses and read books and articles of your interest.
  • Be flexible. We may need to accept less wages but be sure that you will be able to raise your income gradually with time. You may try to work in different field of your specialty, give your self a chance and try a new thing.
  • Be optimistic. Companies will not take long to go back to business as usual.


At the end, remember it is a temporary situation and we will get over it very soon.




Khalid Alghamdi

Managing Director



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    Ludzie wierzą, że aby zdobyć sukces trzeba wcześnie wstawać. Otóż nie – trzeba wstawać w pełnej syspozycji i dobrym humorze :-). M. Achard.


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