Luis C.Vargas: “Message The Spirit in the Human Being – Divine”

Luis C.Vargas: “Message The Spirit in the Human Being – Divine”

Message The Spirit in the Human Being – Divine

The Spirit of Being rests in you with all its fullness and strength bringing you Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. In the Being we find and feel the Loving Comfort and Satisfaction of our present needs. More in the human when it is embedded in the Spirit, it knows how to move in the material world enjoying its beauty, the pleasures of life in different areas like food, contemplating the beauty of its planet and its living beings, its humanity, its capacity to open paths being wise with its own life. Solving with love, compassion, intelligence and wisdom kept in its Spirit the diverse circumstances of life that are presented to it as a product of its thoughts, feelings, words, actions or attitudes, and or behaviors with himself or herself.

Or create wonderful inventions that revolutionize life on the planet through knowing how to connect with the Universal Mind. To feel the most wonderful experience of the Human-Divine Being that makes him experience and know himself of his perfection that Is.

To feel pain, sadness, anger, rage and all that triggers it makes him come closer to his understanding of things, as long as he does not let himself be carried away to affect and hurt others.

Feeling the deep and true Love in the different relationships and experiencing the union not only physically with your partner, but it will make you raise your vibration through ecstasy and live that explosion and expansion of the Force of Love in them, individually and as a Unit.

Life is Life, the purpose of Life is the living manifestation of the Source of Life not separate but always contained in Him. The purpose of Life is to understand Who that Being is in relation to others.

When that Being understands where he comes from and remembers Who He Is by feeling Him in all his Being, the vibration of this Being rises and ends up touching the hearts of others by making the Divine Love settle in the world.

This is why when you understand who you are and give yourself to be who you really are, everything is satisfied in Life, not only economically, but your path is filled with Life, Wisdom and Love that vibrate so that you show others by example, the Path of True Reality.

Beloved Self, you are who you are and no one can want to guide you on their own path, because then they are acting and controlling or betraying the Love and Wisdom that led them to where they have gone.

You and You alone are the master of your own destiny which you may enrich with the Wisdom of others, but cannot depend upon them, for you will also be betraying the Divine Love and Wisdom of your Source of Being that dwells within you.

The serious problem of the Beings is not to be congruent and therefore they are selfish to see the evolution of others and want to influence them so that they will not be overshadowed.

If this persists in them sooner or later a wisdom will come to them that will make them go back on their path, not as a punishment but as a loving but very firm teaching.

Beloved Brothers, step by step you will be blossoming and spreading your Love with your own tune and Life will be even more beautiful and radiant. As more Beings blossom, Life will become even more beautiful and radiant.

That is Life, Being Who You Are.

Beloved Brother, Today we are your Guides speaking to you through your Guardian Angel.

Blessed and Praised be the Father-Mother Life to whom we are due in Love and Wisdom.

Thank you, Beloved Brothers for listening to us.


Luis Carlos Vargas

Luis Carlos Vargas

Executive Coach and Life & Spiritual Mentor


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