Luis C.Vargas: „Now Life is making you perceive”

Luis C.Vargas: „Now Life is making you perceive”

Beloved Brothers in the Love that gave us life, each one of you is making your way through the life you have decided to live according to what your parents taught you. Now Life is making you perceive that perhaps life, your life itself, is asking you for changes from the depths of your Being, your Heart, because of how you are feeling and observing what is happening outside, around your existence, what you see with your physical eyes, you hear with your physical ears and little by little you are perceiving that this is already madness, that the egos are unleashed seeking their own interests, winning everything in spite of everything, even if sometimes they do not agree.

Their excessive ambition plunges many people, many of their brothers of flesh and even of blood, into despair and fear. This makes them act many times in the same way affecting themselves and their family.

Brothers awaken to Love everything can change in the blink of an eye, when enough beings in unison unite in this awakening, even if they do not know each other or agree, because at the level of the Being they are a Whole, everything is harmonized and the path begins to fix everything that has happened with new foundations founded on TRUE LOVE. It is only required to do it with Love, Surrender and Determination.

We send you these words that come to you as a Message from your Source of Being, lovingly and firmly encouraging you to say enough is enough! Only in this way can Masters emerge among you to lead this process of building and strengthening all that is built on the foundations of Love and Well-being. It is up to you to resist even more or to be determined to take up the Path of Light again.

We will continue to love you unconditionally in spite of this resistance, because we know well that the moment will come when you will recognize the “horror” that you have built and will ask to be freed from the bonds of fear in order to continue building a life full of Well-being, Fullness, Harmony, Peace and Love among all of us as a Unity.

Only in this way will Happiness and Contentment emerge from the depths of your being of each one of you.

Beloved you are. Blessed you are always and forever.


Luis Carlos Vargas

Luis Carlos Vargas

Executive Coach and Life & Spiritual Mentor


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