Luis Carlos Vargas: “Life in the human plane is where each being that is born”

Luis Carlos Vargas: “Life in the human plane is where each being that is born”

Message of Divine Love III

Beloved Brother, you do well to ask the Father – Mother Life that his Presence is within each and every one of the beings that make up humanity and those who are born or are about to be born in his earthly plane, and that it is also around his existence.

Remember that everything has a reason ¡everything has a purpose! Since nothing happens randomly.

Having said the above, the Father – Mother Life through me, the Christ wishes to speak to them about what you have commented and asked them, with the truth and being very objective and with great sincerity and forcefulness (I could not do it otherwise).

Life in the human plane is where each being that is born, grows and lives can expand their consciousness and love as a Manifested Being of the ALL, from the Source of Being that emanates everything, that manages to expand in consciousness and love the ALL expands even more.

More this in every place in the Universe where there is “human” life, regardless of its form and physical characteristics, that Source of Life dwells within and around its existence. They also expand in consciousness and love, because the Source is precisely this consciousness and love, It cannot always be that they live in an apparent chaos where destruction, heartbreak, disharmony, sadness, because it is not their natural state for which they gave life in each place.

If there is no expansion of consciousness and love, its Creative Power is how it is hidden or is not allowed to act, therefore it is not allowed to give way to other levels of life that are happier and of incalculable value, which cannot yet be imagined.

Although their science fiction films of traveling to space and meeting other beings and other forms of life tell them that if they exist in the Universe, they are only in the fictitious imagination and supported by the fact that there will always be war, the fight between races and this is because your current level of consciousness and love has not transcended to one of total peace and harmony.

The evolution of the Being and its spiritual growth is infinitely endless, it must begin with your own home and I mean home to your heart and from there to your family, community, city, country, and world. When this is achieved, your perception of what Life is will change and expand in consciousness and love.

This in a sense was my message when I was among you 2000 years ago, but you did not want to listen to me and built on my persona and not on my message.

The Father – Mother Life wants to tell you that returning to the path of True Love is a personal choice, it cannot be imposed, however, I make my way into the human consciences through what happens to them, continually sending them without stopping to do so, listen or not listen to the inspiration you require in every moment of your life. This has nothing to do with what the Holy Spirit is, no! It is I Myself dwelling in you, the one who does it at all times. Remove those beliefs because my nature, my essence is that I Live and Act from within you, dwelling in the body that you have.

So Brothers this is the Path that you have to follow because it is from within that changes are achieved or manifested outside.

You ask Father – Mother Vida why leaders of the countries are emerging who only seek their own interests and who show themselves with arrogance and pride. They are beings who decided to and who are showing the contrast between what was before and what is now. You already perceived the answer that I am going to give you.

Everyone is becoming aware that the path they must walk is the path of balance, the path of the middle, that is, you do not need to destroy what was built in the past to establish a new order, nor to establish the distant past in a world, in a human reality that no longer has anything to do with the present, or to live that past again. Rather, walking with a forward vision that allows consolidating, strengthening what has been built, fostering values ​​and education that allow creating awareness and love, that everyone has the right to live better, to equal opportunities, only then will they be able to resume the path of Ascension to a Life full of Love for the common good.

It is a long journey, if it may take you a long time or less depending on your willingness to open your hearts and mind to recognize that there is a true reality in which your Presence dwells within you and around your existence.

You ask, will there be someone in every country who leads this path? Right now not at the country level, everyone is deep in the fight to defend and attack each other in order to preserve their status quo.

Remember, everything begins in the heart and in the mind of each Being and I dwell there, so in due course many will manifest, because this is not the work of a single Being but of many.

Moreover, many will begin to reap what they have sown, that is to say, they have sown pain, evil, discord, and lack of love, and they will reap for themselves and their loved ones, the learning that each one needs so that their inner vision may open. Therefore, they will become aware and rectify their step or they will leave this life to return with other purposes and experiences that they will live, in order to learn what they did not want to learn in their previous life, the one they are about to leave.

Only with a reconciliation at individual, family, community, country and all country levels will they be able to return to the path they need to walk and build a life system based on Love, Equal Opportunities and Rights regardless of the color of their skin.

They have already witnessed that they can achieve change without violence, to get out of a prison and instead of revenge seek forgiveness and the union of the people. So we need only reiterate that Love is The Answer to everything no matter what has happened, for it is there in Love that Life is created and shaped. Love yourself to love your neighbor and to be able to recognize yourself in the other, we are all ONE and we are contained in the ALL that created ALL.

The Kingdom of Love begins within you, of each one, there is no other path that does not begin within the heart of Being. Like mine that I was able to teach you that you are Children of the Same Father and that the Kingdom of Heaven is within from you. The Kingdom of Love began from the Essence of the Father – Mother Life and hence it cannot initiate anything outside of you.

There is nothing to fear in the days or future days to come, for if you make the change within you and take up the Path of Love and remember who you are and live who you are, you and all your offspring will not live without prosperity, abundance and wisdom, unless someone decides to turn away from that path. But only that descent, family tree of that Being will suffer the consequences, remember they are not punishments, but learning experiences and sooner or later they will resume the path.

And as everything is a domino effect, just as you say, so you will be achieving the changes required now to live in an environment of harmony and respect.

Beloved Brother, the fullness in each being is when he realizes his life wishes without worrying, because the Father-Mother Life satisfies him each and every need during his life.

Love, Love, Love and you will receive Love, Love, Love in many ways and only then will you be Happy in all the expression of the word.

I Am the Christ speaking and transmitting the message of the Father – Mother Life through LC.

August 20, 2020


Luis Carlos Vargas

Luis Carlos Vargas

Executive Coach and Life & Spiritual Mentor


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