Luis Carlos Vargas: “Love gives life, it does not manipulate”

Luis Carlos Vargas: “Love gives life, it does not manipulate”

Divine Message: Unconditional Love is the Answer

The Creator’s Infinite Light is now illuminating humanity, deep in their hearts, and planet earth itself. This Light is dissolving all that Human Beings allow by the free will that the Creator gave them.

This is generating division among human beings by their own decision to continue to ally themselves from the ego and not from love as many others are doing.

Those who are still in the ego do not recognize, because every being knows, that the Love deposited in each one of you is the answer to all that worries you, to your life circumstances, to your primordial needs.

Those who are in the ego still believe in clay idols that will save you and take you to the Promised Land they sold you, and they follow you blindly, without realizing where they are taking you. I am not referring only to political leaders, but to economic leaders, intellectual leaders, leaders of different religions or pseudo religions, social leaders, all of them inviting you to an ideal state and beliefs combining in themselves the needs of the people with the particular interests of these leaders.

They have not felt my Light that is within them and are navigating a life with apparent darkness, but at the same time they are selling themselves as the light at the end of the tunnel.

Love is the answer to everything. Love gives life, it does not manipulate, it does not deceive, it is true and it acts accordingly by providing and satisfying each and every need of every human being in the world. My Infinite Love is in turn Wisdom because I make available to all what each one needs on the map of life that I established before incarnating in this life, in this here and now. My Love for one of my children who decided at some point in his life to be a homeless person who takes drugs because he achieves his purposes of growth and evolution, and also to be a conscience for others so that they will be compassionate to him and others. I cannot make him receive a wealth full of comforts, of luxuries because he would be lost and would quickly leave the world full of confusion, perhaps madness and perhaps affecting many beings in different ways. I only give in correspondence to what they have decided for their life, but to tell the truth, I give them all, but they are not able to see it and receive it for the same reason, they are busy on their path of life. If they take a quantum leap in their growth they would have more abundance and/or prosperity in their life.

This is how Unconditional Love gushes forth, without judging any of your actions and behaviors because I know that in your natural state of consciousness you are perfect. You are all my children.

Beloved Sons the true answer to the current needs of humanity is Divine Love and you know it is Divine Love, you know it, but you resist Love because you dare not be the Light that you are.

What are you waiting for to follow Love? Still, you cannot see with the eyes of the Spirit or say enough and let us return to Love?

All is ready, always has been, for a full and abundant life without limit. Stop seeing what is happening outside and look inside and begin the true path to the Light, to Being the Light that You Are, and your outside will change.

Amen, My children.

The Source of Being that dwells within you and around your Existence.

July 18, 2020



Luis Carlos Vargas

Luis Carlos Vargas

Executive Coach and Life & Spiritual Mentor


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