Luis Carlos Vargas: “The Light that is Life”

Luis Carlos Vargas: “The Light that is Life”

Message of Divine Love II

Once upon a time in an infinite present instant in which the Light that is Life and Consciousness, knowing what It Is, begins to manifest itself in all that It Is. How is one and each one of the seeds existing today on your earth plane.

In this infinitely intelligent and creative knowledge, he initiated everything that exists in the universe together with Love in that Light, he shaped everything with a loving delicacy.

This is how in various constellations and galaxies living beings were appearing where this Light dwells, which manifested itself individually with the same essential qualities that Light possesses. More only in one type of Living Beings it manifested possessing it of Creative Power and Loving Intelligence so that together they would create their offspring in each of the levels of consciousness, each one having different forms because the ALL, that Light is ALL.

And this is how the Human Being appeared on this his planet with the same qualities, creative power and loving intelligence.

In each of the planets where it manifested, the purpose of these beings is to establish the Light of the Universal Consciousness as Unlimited and Perfect Beings that they are and to develop in these human beings the qualities that they possess as Beings of Light.

No matter how much resistance they put up, the Light of Universal Consciousness will break through, taking advantage of their human creations, no matter how negative they may be, given their Unconditional Divine Love.

All good generated is due to Love and by Divine Love itself, the prosperity and abundance of the Being will manifest. Therefore, it is time to stop for a moment and see what they have created, become aware and return to the Path of Unconditional Love.

Nothing is forever, everything happens because Love will always prevail, for this reason Love is the Answer to all your needs and believe me they will be satisfied at all times of your lives.

Praised be the All Light, the Universal Consciousness.

I AM Gabriel the Archangel transmitting the Message of the Cosmic Christ.



Luis Carlos Vargas

Luis Carlos Vargas

Executive Coach and Life & Spiritual Mentor


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