Postponing Carnival

Postponing Carnival

The party is canceled in Rio.For the first time in a century, Brazil’s world-famous carnival parade will be postponed amid concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. The event’s main organizer, the League of Samba Schools, says the parade that draws millions of people to the streets of Rio every summer cannot be held safely in February as scheduled. The league said it was looking into future dates.


Preventing carnival’s rambunctious street parties and performances from turning into a superspreader event would have been an immense challenge. Rio de Janeiro alone has reported more than 11,000 coronavirus cases in the past week, according to a Times database.
Writing in Americas Quarterly, Thomas Traumann recently described packed beaches and bars in Rio, disappearing Covid-19 coverage on the national news and joggers returning en masse to parks, but without masks. “It almost felt as if the pandemic was over,” he wrote.


While the ferocity of Brazil’s outbreak waned a bit in September, cases and deaths from the virus are again on the rise. Yesterday, the country had more than 66,000 new casesand more than 1,700 deaths. President Jair Bolsonaro contracted the virus in July, but he has consistently downplayed it as “a little flu.”



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