Radykalne rozwiązanie dla szkół w Kenii

Radykalne rozwiązanie dla szkół w Kenii

Faced with the mounting challenges of reopening schools, Kenya chose a drastic option: cancel the entire academic year and make students repeat their grades. The decision was made not just to contain the virus, but to also level the playing field for students who lack access to remote learning.“It was a sweeping move that surprised many students, parents and educators but came as a relief to others who were worried that their children might fall behind,” Abdi Latif Dahir, the East Africa correspondent for The Times, told us.


For most students, particularly those from poor and rural households, following lessons was not possible once schools started teaching online. “By the time they go to class next year, a lot of these kids who were at home and didn’t have access to these facilities will just not be able to compete,” Abdi said.


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