Ricardo Jorge Baraldi: “Lubię czynić ten świat lepszym. Biznes bez granic!”
Disposable respiratory protection mask with Brazilian flag texture. Crisis and quarantine due to Coronavirus, (COVID-19)

Ricardo Jorge Baraldi: “Lubię czynić ten świat lepszym. Biznes bez granic!”

Hi, Alex thanks for reaching out. I’d like to learn more. If you could send in advance some questions regarding the subject will be help. Notice I have a IT startup, specialized in Blockchain AI IOT, with a portfolio that include a Covid 19 projetct for checking dynamically, group of people for termperature and proximity and sent it to the Covid 19 Global Force, but no answer yet.

Those are your questions:

A 🙂 How did your country perceive the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Unfortunately Brazil face others tropical pandemics transmitted by mosquitoes locally without success and limited deaths specially in the north (amazonia). So this time every one undestimate Covid 19 and even use it policitaly that why we are the 2do country in infected by Covid



A 🙂 How has life changed in your country? What effect does Cavid-19 have on life there?

The truth is nobody know anything about the virus and many theories are there. Also our politicians are not capable o take efectibles actions to stop it, in part to the lack of investiment in research. So most part of the people not believe in the goverment and minimize the virus efect because goverment generaly manipulate datas and follow their lives normally. The most part of the people use mask and keep safe at home, but this impacts terribly on the already weak economy. There is a strong fight among part of the government that defend open the malls/restaurant with restriction and others to keep close. The first group is winning for now.

A 🙂 Have you noticed elements of panic among people? Fear of illness? Before losing loved ones?

As I said some of them take this seriously even to the extreme and other just ignore it. I don’t know anyone that loosed anyone but the numbers are there.

A 🙂 Has anyone of your closest friends been touched by the crown with a virus? How did his surroundings survive?

Thanks to God not ! We just keep safe at home and went to walk ones a day to keep mentaly health too.

A 🙂 Is the main wave already gone? How are you prepared for the announced second pandemic wave?

I don’t believe, everything evolving all the time but also believe in science so together we will beat the pandemic and the humanity will rise stronger if we work together. Less politics and lawyer and much much more engineers and medics.

A 🙂 Do you have any advice / message for people from other parts of the world?

As IT Engineer one of my strong field is AI so I truly believe It is the guard angel of the humanity in all aspect. It need more investment and less politics but in a close future it will guide us to a bright future, as I said with more engineers and medics and less politics and lawyers.

A 🙂 What is your personal life motto?

My motto is keeping learning and apply that knowledge to the good, Its difficult task these days.

A 🙂 What else would you like to tell readers here ?

Keep hope in God and Science and pray to the governments give the money to the scientists to continue the global effort to fight this virus and continue after defeat it.


Ricardo Jorge Baraldi

Ricardo Jorge Baraldi

Like to making this world better. Business borderless !


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