Shaloo Dogra:” Wizja przyszłości po pandemii”

Shaloo Dogra:” Wizja przyszłości po pandemii”

Thoughts of the future in the times of the Pandemic

Hello friends!

These times that we are facing, allow me to let you know, that firstly ; We are all in this together. Many have lost their jobs or their loved ones and it is imperative to grieve, to be in touch with one’s feelings; be that of sadness, anger,loneliness or deprivation. In case one looks for distractions, these feelings have a greater chance to return. But it is one thing to be a witness of your feelings and the other to dwell upon them. Yes, be a witness but do not dwell too long.

The mind has no end, it’s nature is infinite. So if you find yourself drifting into a future which is not here yet, how much ever real it may seem now , let me tell you…it could be completely wrong. Our mind is an instrument that we have. It needs to chew on problems for sure, but then swallow you must. Take the problems aside and focus on a solution. Maybe it will not come immediately but in the meantime, surely something else of value will. Sometimes it is not a measurable, tangible result but simply a deepening of inner wisdom.
Regarding food on the table and bills to be paid, the visualisation/feeling in our minds ,to be clearly understood, is always that of being safe. It boils down to just that. Keep that uppermost in the mind. No situation or experience can define the natural perfection that you are. And as that, you are absolutely fine. That’s all the mind needs. It will then evolve to justify it and brilliantly solve day by day, step by step, in calm and peace, each and every problem. Changes may happen in the outer world, changes that you never thought would , but the feeling of being safe is what one must hold onto because that is what is worth holding onto amidst chaos or confusion.

Meditation is highly recommended everyday. A few minutes a day to relax and calm down in the solitude of the self. If thoughts trouble a lot, then sit multiple times not just once. It may look like a rough sea but give it a little time, and it will begin to settle down. It is after all, a game of patience. And the only way out is -with patience. Just like when you do strength training you think of being strong, when you do flexibility training you think of being tall and uplifted, when you sit for meditation think of being patient and calm. In case you find yourself saying ‘ no, I have no patience for this right now, I have far more important things to do’…. I will suggest do the important things first and then sit down for 5 mins even if you did not yet achieve the results of ‘those important things’ yet. There is a wisdom that reveals itself when we meditate. This wisdom is our essential substratum of who we are. It is power itself. It has no limits because the entire universe is made up of this. How many ever different forms it may take on the outside.

Regarding the body, since health is our ally in tough times, I would recommend a bit of stretching to be added to anything that you like as a workout routine. When we stretch mindfully, we get deeper into our tissues and breathing becomes a master instead of the movement always being the master. Try to hold each stretch without a feeling of force but a feeling of relaxation. Engaging muscles can come from a place of strength but only after creating a bit of space. That will help a flow within the body which keeps us light and refreshed. There are many channels within our physical bodies, which get blocked or tangled, thanks to age, traumas ( physical or mental, small or big) and stretching mindfully can help us to release and untangle so we can move freely.

So what does all these meditation and exercise philosophies lead us back to? It brings us back to attitude, it brings us to faith. It brings us to trust because our health is dependent upon this one raison d’etre. Life loves to live. The idea is to understand that the sun is always shining, even if we don’t see it.

What is happening now has also happened before. This is the 21st century and man’s brilliant mind is capable of tackling this faster than ever before. But nature may take it’s time. It does not work on man’s timelines. And so, we respond with the same patience. We learn the basics again. The minimal life, simplistic living. Not extravagant, not wasteful. Knowing that we value the outdoors, we honour and respect other beings and for sure we respect peace. Without Peace, we cannot thrive. Our bodies, our minds both need peace to thrive. In meditation we can realise that peace and our selves are not two. Both the body and the mind are like our two children. We take care of them. That makes us : not identified by either.

Mind loves excitement. It tempts us, it justifies itself. These times call for being mindful, to do everything that we do as if it’s the most important and sacred thing there ever was. Even if it is taking a shower, or eating a meal. How much do we need to live, to survive? What makes us want more? When we ask ourselves questions, we stop the mental chatter which actually serves nothing except maybe fear or anxiety. When we talk to ourselves in questions sometimes, we open ourselves to receiving the truth and expanding our consciousness. And we start to work from a place that is open and receptive- to all good.

How much Grace we have all around , the open, infinite mind can start to see that. If we really want ‘more’……We can be on the other side of this pandemic as more thoughtful, more respectful, more loving, more open- to everything and everyone.

Shaloo Dogra


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    Meeta sarin

    Brilliant article ?? This is the time to live with peace and patience ?

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    Well penned and just what the need of hour is as Ms. Dogra points. I concur with all that this write up talks about however the expression under the meditation umbrella remains my favourite. My 2 cents is that once we master to to control our thoughts just by observing them rather than controlled by our thoughts it empowers us beyond our own imagination and takes us to the very core of our existence which then contributes immensely in our overall wellbeing be it physical, emotional etc.

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    Shaloo Dogra is a very inspiring teacher. She practices as she says. Her tips are simple, well researched and effective. I have had the pleasure of meeting her personally and she evokes the calm, excitement and pleasantness that she speaks of in this article. I always aspire to practice what she preaches. I look forward to her next tip.

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    Fascynujące ?

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    An extremely effective write up that provides an insight into our mind and body. This article has inspired me to exercise and meditate regularly. We look forward to more articles from you


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