Społeczność Saskatchewan przechodzi przez pandemię z kolorową grą

Społeczność Saskatchewan przechodzi przez pandemię z kolorową grą

More than 100 people in the small community of B-Say-Tah, Sask., are estimated to be painting, hiding, finding and rehiding colourful rocks as a way to stay connected while isolating because of the coronavirus pandemic. The idea came from 15-year-old Sara Friesen, who had recently moved to the small community about 80 kilometres northeast of Regina with her family.

Sara said it was scary when the pandemic hit, as everything was shutting down and she was moving to a new place. Her mother, Mindy Friesen, said she could tell her daughter was having a difficult time. That’s when she thought back to their previous home in Melfort, Sask., where a community group had run a game called Melfort Rocks.

To start, Sara painted a few rocks and covered them in a clear coat of nail polish, then hid them around town. Two little girls found the first rocks and Sara was encouraged to continue. A few months later, the B-Say-Tah Rocks Facebook page is filled with images of smiling people who have found rocks. “It gave me a sense of connection with everyone and it made me feel comfortable with moving into B-Say-Tah,” Sara said. “It made me feel a sense of relief and happiness.”



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