Alain Heureux

Creating and Managing companies since 1987 (Dynam, Prism, PRS, BB4, DH Albatros, CPM Belgium, CPM Netherlands, CPM Europe, Virtuology International, Virtuology Belgium, Virtuology Paris, Tagora Brussels and Paris, Kaméléon and Your Own Lab).
Investing time and energy in professional associations (ADMH, IAB Belgium and Europe, ACC, EASA, EDAA, BDMV, BPRC, UBA, etc).
Promote and Develop Interactive and Digital Marketing in Belgium and across Europe.
Stimulate Creativity, Innovation and Technologies through The Egg as well as founding the Creative Ring connecting creative Hubs and their Communities throughout Europe. Promoting Cross-over Innovation in Brussels throughout Brussels Creative.
Helping companies to reinvent their organisation by teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship or by installing FabLabs as catalyser of the transformation. Lecturer and Mentor in the MBA Programme of the University of Technology from Gdansk, Teacher in the Aspire High School Academy in Brasov and in the SME School of Ukraine.
CEO from the Virtuology Academy (part of Virtuology International) inspiring and training Corporates on leadership, Innovation and Digital Transformation.

Specialties: Strategy, Digital, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Inspiration