Kerry Adler

Founder, President & Chief Excutive
Officer, SkyPower Global Group of Companies

Visionary leader and Entrepreneur
World Renowned & Sought After Advocate For Climate Change
Advisor to over a dozen Heads of State
Award Winning Business Leader on 4 Continents
UN Global Entrepreneur of The Year
UN Global Compact Inaugural Pioneer For Climate Action
UN SDG Champion
CEO of The Year
Most Sustainable CEO
CEO of Canada’s Fastest Growing Company
Keynote Speaker at over 15 Annual Events Globally
Appearances on CNBC, CNN and Other Global networks
Board member of Canada UAE Council
Board member of Canada GCC Advisory Council to Government of Canada
Board Member of Canada AFRICA Business Council
Board Member of Canada ARAB Business Council
Contributor to WEF 2020
Advisor to Founders of the Global Economic Fórum of The Americas

Kerry is an visionary entrepreneur whose instinct foresaw the outsourcing revolution to developing countries and founded Webhelp which today employs over 65,000 globally.

Kerry sold SkyPower to Lehman Brothers in 2007 and subsequently post their bankruptcy reacquired it to rebuild to a global leader in solar energy development and generation in 36 countries around the world.

Kerry is a father of 6, mentor, coach, investor, trained behavioural economists and confidente of many. Kerry’s breadth of expertise spans many industries from software design, AÍ, logistics, CRM, Six Sigma Processes, innovation and design of advanced and revolutionary award Battery Storage Solutions, Innovations in the field of renewable energy and solar energy.

Educated at Bryant University, Concórdia University and MIT Sloan. Also a frequent Speaker at The TORONTO Club, The Harvard Club and University Students around the World.

Kerry is foremost a humanitarian who believes that we may all do well and do good.

Kerry Adler with Princess Tessa of Luxumbourg and Weronika  Rosati
your country’s famous actress and advocate for gender equality