Marcantonio Montesano

Marcantonio Montesano is a co-founder of Best Performance Group, a B2B sales consultancy with experience in changing business behaviors to sell more effectively. With a Masters in Business Administration from PUC-Rio, researching the effect of narratives on business relationships and corporate sales, which should soon become a book …. Speaker of Associations of Technology and Software companies such as Assespro and Abes, author of several articles,

After 20 years of experience in B2B sales in the technology segment, he has certified in the American Solution Selling and CustomerCentric Selling methodologies by Mike Bosworth, and Trusted Based Selling by Charles Green, and in the French methodologies by Halifax Consulting, and for the past 17 years working as a consultant and instructor, he personally trained more than 5,000 professionals and sales managers in more than 100 companies in Brazil, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Portugal and Spain.