Marcie Hanhart

Whether working as an advisor to Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM, or as a business coach for independent businesses, my 30+ year career has focused on achieving new business Vision for my clients along with obtaining the tools, knowledge and hands-on experience to bring that Vision to reality – including facilitating expansion, increasing profitability and creating „freedom” for the owner.

As a former owner/partner in four companies prior to becoming a business advisor, I have experienced the nitty-gritty details, conflicts, challenges and opportunities which owners face daily. I also know how opportunities can pass us by because we are busy working in the business, rather than focusing on improvement, expansion or even the bottom-line. It may be lack of focus, overload, need to improve personal knowledge, or perhaps it’s an invisible personal roadblock that is holding us back! It is only when we deal with it, that we can meet that potential.

In 2002, I joined ActionCoach because of their proven tools and systematic approach to guiding owners through the labyrinth of planning and decision making needed to maximize results. In 2014, l became one of the first coaches in the US to be certified as a Profit First Mastery coach. The list of certifications and licenses continually expands so that I can meet the on-going challenges and opportunities that face my clients and prospects daily. This expansive approach has enabled me to change the businesses and lives of dozens of companies and owners, from sole-practitioners to multi-million dollar firms with a nationwide footprint.

If you, as a business owner, recognize that change is needed and are open to changing within yourself – you will always succeed! It is my mission to see that you do.