Nilanjan (Neel) Roy

I love getting into my user’s shoes and solve their problems using the latest technology. Staying close to the user allows me to discover latent needs as well as forecast future trends. This knowledge helps to build a business that can scale. To accomplish this, I focus on key business metrics; build amazing teams which can quickly adapt to new insights.
I have had the privilege of holding many executive positions throughout my career in product management, product marketing, technical sales, engineering, strategy and P& L management.
My personal and professional experiences have taught me the following about myself.
I have successfully built, scaled, and optimized internet businesses from a monthly run rate of a few lacs to over nearly 2 million rupees in revenues.
-I put my users at the centre of everything I do. My best feedback is received from the paid customers rather than my free users.
-Ideas come dime a dozen. The difference between a great business and a billion-dollar idea is in the power of execution factoring in all constraints.
-I have always believed in the phrase “think like an artist but build like an engineer” I have a good gut instinct but I seek data to translate my idea to an execution plan.
-I hold 2 patents in the area of search and voice recognition.
I can hire, align, lead and grow world-class product and technology teams from 10 to 100 people.
-Winning is important but helping the team win creates a habit of winning.
-I am able to talk both in tech and exec to create joint ownership of business success
-I am able to create great stories based on business metrics, customer experiences and team dedication which give a lot of confidence to shareholders on the business rather than just go through review presentations.
-The buck always stops with me
I educate refine and drive myself to be a better version of myself
-From a cadet in the Air force, managing golf courses, managing brands in ad firms to finally running internet companies I am constantly learning because I never settle.
-My experience as a pilot has taught me the value of remaining calm and the ability to make split-second decisions. It has also taught that decisions can be taken if it is backed up by hours of practice and hard work.
-I focus on making high-quality strategic decisions rather than tactical ones.
I enjoy meeting new people hearing newer perspectives getting my assumptions challenged. Reach out if you want to talk about how tomorrow technology is going to figure out intent, my bets on startup businesses or adventure sports like Bungee jumping.