Social media is not a media.

The key is to listen, engage and build relationships.

Michal Branski talks about me and my bio:
„Piotr, I know you from creating smart projects which perfectly fit companies from both sides of the media world: producers and viewers”

Worked for Constantin Entertainmemt, Rochstar TV, TVN TV and Polsat TV.  Created Instagram profile for “Top Model” TV show and it went from zero to 300,000 followers.  His „School” TV show IG profile went from zero to 200,000 followers on IG and 700,000 on Facebook.

For many years he collaborated with one of the most famous Polish celebrities – Magda Gessler.

Piotr works only with unique, „one of a kind” personalities. He “swims” in show business like a shark and makes his clients dominate their niche like lions in the jungle.
Eccentric, non-conformist and perfectionist, he doesn’t allow anybody to steer from his vision of social media marketing, not even to Anja Rubik, international supermodel, in “Project Runway” TV show.

Once the youngest District Court judge in Poland, now he is a „man about town”, who can be seen at opera premieres, rap concerts, fashion shows, etc. He is truly a „soul of the company”, always curious, with his own opinion, voice and desire to take action. Piotr likes to work in the background, having no desire to become a celebrity.

He managed social media profiles of: “You Can Dance”, „Agent of the Stars, „Kitchen Revolutions”, „First Love”, „19 Plus” and the main profile of Polsat TV, one of the biggest TV networks in Poland.

Piotr always seeks what’s new and trendy in media, technology and cultural life.  Now he explores TikTok and LinkedIin. Always on the lookout for new inspirational people with talent.

A client about Piotr: “Polish Chuck Norris”, mystery man, eccentric, bold and flamboyant with broad, extensive and insightful knowledge of traditional and modern show business. He quickly recognizes what clients need in media marketing and delivers incredible value to their public presence.