Ravikiran Malik
An Agricultural/Rural Development Finance specialist, 35 years of learning (experience). Have worked actively at the base
(ground), intermediary and the top (policy making) levels in the agricultural/rural development finance sector in India,
Africa (Tanzania) and Afghanistan. Have performed the roles of an advisor, coach, mentor, guide and trainer, besides
a finance professional and a consultant.

Bring on board an in-depth understanding of the challenges and issues confronting the developing countries, along
with a robust common sense and the right attitude. A brief snapshot of the professional journey is given below.

    • A trained and experienced development professional with an Honours Degree in Economics and a Certified
      Associate of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.
      Presently engaged as a Consultant for designing a USD 100 million horticulture development project,
      to be funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
    • Last assignment – as the Chief Executive Officer of the Agricultural Development Fund, a financial institution
      owned by the Government of Afghanistan and set-up with an assistance of USD 100 million from USAID.
      Although it was a short stint, it provided a lot of insights into the challenges of working in a war/conflict zone.
    • From February 2014 to December 2017, worked as the Technical Adviser (Rural Finance) with the Prime
      Minister’s Office (PMO), Government of the United Republic of Tanzania (GoT). Major tasks included the
      • Technical support (including training & capacity building) to the community/cooperative banks,
        MFIs and the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank;
      • Designing Smallholder Credit Guarantee Scheme and the Rural Innovation Fund; and
      • Engaging with the GoT (Ministries of Finance, Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries, etc.) and the Bank
        of Tanzania (the central bank) to facilitate formulation of policies, strategies, draft legislations and
        regulations, on rural/agricultural, micro and cooperative finance sectors.
    • Prior to that, a long stint (nearly 29 years) with the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
      (NABARD), a development finance institution owned by the Government of India (GoI) and mandated to
      secure development of agriculture and rural areas in the country. As a NABARD Officer,
      • Donned the hat of a banker; a development catalyst; a planner; a trainer; an OD facilitator; a
        supervisor; a consultant; and an administrator.
      • Actively involved with policy making and implementation of a number of initiatives pertaining to
        the rural finance architecture development; supervision & regulation; institution building and
        development; revival and revitalisation of rural finance institutions; credit planning; financing of
        rural infrastructure; and consultancy (marketing, negotiating and executing).
      • Engaged with the Government/Public Sector Institutions, Farmers’ Organizations, Micro Finance
        Institutions/Federations, Corporates/Business Entities, Industry & Trade Associations/Networks,
        NGOs, etc. Similarly, had an active and meaningful collaboration with a number of international
        agencies like the World Bank, IFAD, USAID, SDC, GIZ, KfW, IFC, APRACA, ADB, AfDB, AFRACA,
        AGRA, European Association of Guarantee Institutions, etc.
    • Besides the above, have held senior positions as a member/special invitee to the board of directors of banks and
      national level technical committees/regulatory bodies. Have been regularly attending national/international
      events (as a resource person/guest speaker) organised by a variety of financial and non-financial institutions,
      like the banks, MFIs, academic institutions, networks, research/resource institutions, etc.
    • At present, holding Advisory position with a couple of companies involved in financial and agricultural