Shaloo Dogra

Shaloo Dogra is a Yogacharyaa and co-founder of Epicurean, a leading hospitality firm in India. She has a masters degree in Yoga and is a published author.
Shaloo learnt formal meditations in 1993 and has since evolved into pure meditations having experienced various methods in Hinduism and Buddhism including Advaita Vedanta, Shunyata, Dzogchen, Mindfulness and Stillness. She has explored perfect body alignments through Iyengar Yoga, dynamic vinyasa flows, stillness oriented mindful yin yoga and mind /breath /muscle movements through iron yoga.
Shaloo has a yoga studio in DLF phase 1, Gurgaon. She helps facilitate highly customised holistic wellness sessions (live, video) and workshops, retreats for small, medium and large audiences.