Valerii Kushnirenko

HR Expert
Education: MA in Linguistics (Shevchenko National University, MBA in Financial
Management Get’man National Economic University

  • Good interpersonal and managerial skills enabling to get along well with all kinds of professional issues related to HR area and supervise personnel
  • Helicopter view, expertise and practical knowledge adequate to perform duties and tasks pertaining to strategic personnel management, people development, professional training, recruitment and performance evaluation
  • Good knowledge of the existing market and ability to adapt to rapidly changing environment
  • Experience in development, deployment and other operational aspects of various projects, client related jobs and other activities where professional approach as well as strong technical skills and personal qualities are required
  • Adequate expertise in production, marketing, sales, finance, service providing and other areas of day to day operational activities ExMember of HR Committees at the European Business Association and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Member of Experts Board of a number of All Ukrainian Open Competitions in the area of HR Management Judge at international contests and competitions : SIFE World Cup 2011 ( Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia ), Enactus World Cup 2012 ( Washington, USA )), Enactus World Cup 201 3 Cancun , Mexico ); Enactus World Cup 201 3 Beijing, China ), Enactus World Cup 201 4 Johannesburg, SAR ), Enactus World Cup 2015 ( Toronto , Canada)

Articles, comments, analytical reviews and other publications in the following editions: “HRD”, Комп ньон ”,
КорреспонденТ ”, Управление компанией ”, Управление персоналом ”, Эксперт ”, Бизнес ”, Галицькі
контракти ””, Менеджер по персоналу ”, Дело ”, Зеркало недели ”, etc.
Training courses and programs: “Non Financial Incentives or Eternal Aspects of Personnel Motivation” Motivation”, “Internal Communications: To BE or Not To Be” Be”, « Performance Evaluation of Personnel” Personnel”, “Onboarding and Adaptation: How Not
to Derail a Recruiter’s Merits” Merits”, “Pitfalls of Motivation”, etc.
20+ years of experience in the HR area; 16+ years of managerial expertise in various international and Ukrainian companies : Andersen , 1 Inc.Inc., Sandora , Deloitte , Europroduct,
PZU Ukraine , DILA Medical Laboratory